Relativism by Mary Ford Neal Readings & Pre-Orders

As July approaches we find ourselves less than one month away from the publication of Relativism, the outstanding second collection by poet and academic Mary Ford Neal. Artfully confronting themes of attachment, (be)longing, certainty, doubt, and our connections to places, times, people, and ideas, Relativism uses different voices and the lens of our most intimateContinue reading “Relativism by Mary Ford Neal Readings & Pre-Orders”

Skjelv Du På Handa, Vladimir? / Does Your Hand Shake, Vladimir?

Does your hand shake/today, Vladimir,/as you lift the cup/to your mouth,/when they tell you/thousands upon thousands have died/at your command/on the nineteenth day of the war. Odveig Klyve, translated from Norwegian by Kenneth Steven On March 14 2022, Norwegian poet Odveig Klyve posted a powerful, spontaneous poem on her personal Facebook page condemning Vladimir PutinContinue reading “Skjelv Du På Handa, Vladimir? / Does Your Hand Shake, Vladimir?”

Books of 2022: Femke by David Cameron

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our first fiction title of 2022 will be Femke by David Cameron, a Glasgow-born poet and novelist and winner of the 2014 Hennessy Literary Award. An author of poetry, non-fiction and fiction, this is his third novel and first since 2019’s Prendergast’s Fall. This manuscript came to usContinue reading “Books of 2022: Femke by David Cameron”

Peak Beyond Peak: Unpublished Scottish Journeys of Isobel Wylie Hutchison

Collected and Transcribed by Hazel Buchan Cameron Have you ever heard the name Isobel Wylie Hutchison? If the answer is no, it’s little surprise, but her relative obscurity in Scottish history remains one of the country’s biggest cultural oversights. Isobel was born near the turn of the century and was many things: a botanist, aContinue reading “Peak Beyond Peak: Unpublished Scottish Journeys of Isobel Wylie Hutchison”

Happy New Year From Taproot Press!

While now is the time to look forward, we need to once more thank all of you for the support you’ve shown us these last seven months. Juggling the establishment of Taproot with university and family life has been extremely difficult, and at times we’ve not been able to update you all as often as we’d like…