Happy New Year From Taproot Press!

Happy new year from all of us here at Taproot!

While now is the time to look forward, we need to once more thank all of you for the support you’ve shown us these last seven months. Juggling the establishment of Taproot with university and family life has been extremely difficult, and at times we’ve not been able to update you all as often as we’d like. Nevertheless, copies of ‘Plague Clothes’ continue to be sent out, and many of you pre-ordered all three of our 2021 book bundle – thank you so much for that.

Now – on to this year. 2021 has to be better for everyone, and for us that’s no different. We have three exceptional books lined up, beginning with Linda Cracknell’s fabulous novella ‘The Other Side of Stone’ in March (even earlier for you book bundle buyers), which will be made available for pre-order this month. Linda’s book is a work of real sophistication and interest, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

One final point: we have decided that today is a natural time to close down the fundraiser that we began last Summer. Your contributions amassed an astonishing £4825, all of which will go directly in the publication of this year’s titles. This will mean we will be able to print two hardbacks, and one paperback that includes colour photographs – a standard we wouldn’t have been able to set without your help.We hope you’ve enjoyed the festive period, and look forward to sharing this coming year with you – regardless of what happens, we still have books, and that alone is worth celebrating.