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We have three fantastic books lined up for 2021, including the first original work of fiction for eight years by a Saltire-shortlisted author, a collection of protest writing and photography by those involved in the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, and a book of Scots translations by a poet dubbed ‘the foremost translator from Chinese in his generation’.

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Coming March 31 is the latest work of fiction by Saltire-shortlisted author Linda Cracknell, an intimate study of those connected to a Perthshire woollen mill that spans three centuries.

Following characters as diverse as a 19th century stone mason and rural suffragette, each story is interwoven to create a haunting tale of Perthshire’s wool industry that explores the struggle for women’s rights, and the long-term impact of industrialisation upon rural Scotland.

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‘Linda Cracknell’s The Other Side of Stone is a beautiful and haunting collection of stories centred on the history of a Perthshire woollen mill. At once a curse, a lament, a radical cry, each narrative thread weaves its magic to make a spellbinding whole. A beguiling and perfectly crafted novella coloured by the bracken and the bluebells of a Scottish autumn and spring.’ Mary Paulson-Ellis, author of The Other Mrs Walker

‘History and imagination embrace in ways that are both rewarding and informative. This collection is very simply extraordinary: beautiful and fun to read.’ Sara Maitland, author of A Book of Silence

A collection of writing and photography dealing with the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, Open Secret: Hong Kong Since the Umbrella Movement is a platform for those brave enough to speak out against the violent suppression of Hong Kong’s liberty that has been intensifying since the Umbrella Movement of 2014.

Edited by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho and Dexter Yim and introduced by Nathan Law, included in the 2020 TIME 100, the book boasts contributions by Benny Tai, Finn Lau and Jeremy Tam, as well as poetry by Jacky Yuen and Yang Lian. Photography is provided by not-for-profit collective Studio Incendo.

Available June 2021.

In the autumn of 2021 we will be publishing the latest work by the foremost translator from Chinese of his generation, Brian Holton.

Hard Roads an Cauld Hairst Winds is a collection of Scots translations of poetry by Li Bai and Du Fu, two of the most renowned poets of Ancient China. By bringing two of the world’s great poets – from the oldest continuous literary tradition in the world – into the library of Scots writing, Brian Holton creates a text as valuable in its own way to the literary tradition as Lorimer’s wonderful ‘New Testament in Scots’.

Right then, are you as excited as we are? Thought so!

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